case study

As lead designer on this project, I was responsible for designing all wireframes, UI specs, and pixel-perfect mocks. I worked closely with the VP of marketing and stakeholders, to design a conversion-oriented experience that successfully increased page views and conversion rates through the use of A/B testing.

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The Problem

For years the company had used a website that had such a high bounce rate that their conversion rate was close to zero. Upon testing the original website, if someone decided to search for specific information, they were lead on a 15-20 click journey that for most ended before finding what they were originally looking for. Not to mention a heat map that showed that 0-2% of visitors were scrolling past the fold.

The Users

This is where I came in, Oxford needed a website that was fresh, clean and modern, but still spoke to an older clientele. We needed a site that bridged the gap between the clients and consultants. Traffic would be driven from both sides and we need conversions from both types of users.


The Process

With a 4 month constrain on the design and development, we began. This project was by no means a solo endeavor, but from the very beginning I lead the charge for the stake holders, business managers, brand managers and VPs. The company had never heard of UX and was struggling to see the project from the user's perspective. I stressed that content is king and a show not tell attitude was part of my design philosophy. 

With the entire Oxford marketing team we went over the things they wanted to see happen with the site, and from there we were off. I assembled a focus group of target users and started gathering their feature requests and pain points. After sifting through the data I discovered the key pain points: clients wanted an easier way to understand the company and ultimately contact them about their needs, and consultants wanted an easier way to sign up to be apart of the global network. 

 We identified key specs that were to be incorporated into the website to accommodate both consultant and client needs, then mapped out our user flows based on those specs (I didn't know you could use that many post-its). From there low-fidelity mockups were made and committee approved and finally ended at pixel perfect mockups encompassing both desktop and mobile that were sent over to the in-house developer.

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The Outcome

Months planning edits and complete re-designs lead to this final product. People are excited, and this has really put the company on a new forward track that it hasn't seen in 15 years. Conversion rates are at an all time high, people are exploring the entire site and new clients and consultants have signed on with the company, proving how big of an impact design has on business. 

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